“Kristie Kerwin is a dynamo of a Nurse Nellie Forbush.  Nellie’s a perky, happy all-American girl - but she also possesses some less attractive American traits.  She’s a 1940s kid from Little Rock, Ark., sickened by the very thought of race-mixing.

Kerwin is a fine comic actress and a great singer who moves with a fluid grace.  And when she has to express Nellie’s darker thoughts, she shows considerable depth.”

                                           -Theater review:  A stellar ‘South Pacific,’ in every way

                                                                            by Jim Kershner, The Spokesman-Review

“...our central characters, Nellie (Kristie Kerwin) and Emile (David Pittsinger).  Their duets were inspired: her bright tones juxtaposed nicely with his operatic vibrato.  They maintained an incredible dramatic tension between them: partially scripted, partially acted.  It’s easy for me to lose interest in the romantic element of any play, but these two kept my attention...”

                                            -Some Enchanted Evening (The Best of Broadway: South Pacific)

                                                                             by Laura, The Bark

“Mona Kent (Kristie Kerwin) probably has the least amount of tap dance to her performance, but when she does get those feet moving it’s astonishing.  Kerwin completes a routine at the beginning of the show that involves complex continuous spinning and it brings the audience to thunderous applause.  Kerwin also captures the essence and attitude of the total Broadway Diva, from her snippy comments to her commanding presence on the stage she really knocks ‘em dead.  And we see a saucier sassier side of Kerwin during ‘The Beguine’ her duet with The Captain (Erick Buckley.)  A true Broadway vixen with all the right claws to be the cat’s meow.”

                                            -’Dames At Sea‘ At Infinity Theatre Company

                                                                               by Amanda Gunther, DC Metro Theater Arts 

“This ‘Dames’ cast of six, all making their Infinity Theatre debuts, is phenomenal.  After a terrific overture by Infinity’s pit orchestra, the show begins onstage with a comically haughty Mona in a strong solo number by Kristie Kerwin, who has an impressive list of Broadway credits.  Kerwin immediately establishes her triple talents as singer, dancer and comedian in ‘Wall Street’”

                                            -Plenty of talent on tap in Infinity Theatre’s ‘Dames at Sea’

                                              Nautical-themed musical offers Broadway-quality experience

                                                                                by Mary Johnson, Special to The Baltimore Sun

Photo by Nancy Anderson Cordell